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sat 20.04.2019
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Budget Trash
Ron Gallo
Ron Gallo 

In 2018 rock & roll was declared dead. Not present at the funeral, but probably already polishing guitars for the resurrection instead: Ron Gallo. For those who know where to find it, there are always enough garage bands, but Gallo's slightly manic sound drenched in fuzz guitars and witty lyrics make him 'a wiser and sharper songwriter than most of the other people doing it' (according to Noisey).

Gallo gave the right direction with his 'Stardust Birthday Party', released last year and a tight show at Pukkelpop, headbanging towards the new decennium.

Budget Trash 

Bruges based Budget Trash brings beachy tunes for fans of The Growlers, Allah-la's and Night Beats.

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