Ionyouth Soundsystem
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Ionyouth Soundsystem 

Since they started back in 1999 they have become an established value in the Belgian Dub scene. They built their own soundsystem, an impressive pile of speakers and subwoofers that blows you away instanltly. Needless to say this evening will be epic!

Jahmbassador Hi-Fi 

Food for the heart, brain and soul! Jahmbassador Hi-Fi is a well known name in the Beldub soundsystem culture. With their handmade installation and bags stuffed with records they are ready to bring some positive vibes to Bruges.

Forward Fever Family 

Forward Fever celebrated their 19th anniversary this year. Over the years they released 7 records with artists such as Danny Red, Idren Natural, Earl Sixteen, Danman ... And locals like Ion One, Ras Cloud, Lee Sah, Rudy Roots, Echo Vault and many more!

<Dub Revolution>

Together with Forward Fever, Cactus Muziekcentrum scours the world since 2010, looking for the newest revelations in all things dub. Just as well, Dub Revolution looks back to the roots, evolutions and influences of the dub scene. Parties that not only aim for the hips, but for the conscious mind too!


Dub Revolution’s success gave us inspiration for the new concept of Roots Revolution, containing all live sounds from the vast plains of roots, reggae and dub.