Noah Vanden Abeele b

wed 25.11.2020
seated (unnumbered)
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Noah Vanden Abeele

Considering the developments regarding the spread of the corona virus, this concert was postponed. Tickets remain valid for the new date.


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Noah Vanden Abeele 

Noah Vanden Abeele’s passion for the piano began at the age of 4, when he was gifted one by his grandparents. From that moment on, he has strived to create space in which music can be formed, through the honesty with which you play a note, and an adventurous, improvisational spirit.


First album ‘Universe’ is what happens when the love of piano and improvisation are combined. On that album, Noah fuses his classical training with his diverse musical background to create music he describes as minimalism or contemporary classical. The love and honesty that he has set out to translate ring true on every note he plays.