'Paradise City - Live' © Fabrice Debatty

'Paradise City - Live'

Presented by Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger)

fri 08.11.2019
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'Paradise City - Live' 

In the documentary series ‘Paradise City’, which airs this autumn on Canvas, Triggerfinger drummer Mario Goossens visits 6 major cities that were struck by disaster. Accompanied by director and fellow musician Karel Van Mileghem (Jacle Bow), Mario sets out to discover the healing role of music in Hiroshima, New Orleans, Kigali, Belfast, Port-au-Prince and Detroit.

Additionally, the pair will travel across Flanders to present the ‘Paradise City Tour’. These shows allow them to present a more personal account of the people who used music to bring hope in places where and at times when hopelessness was all around.

Expect an evening of fascinating stories, interesting musical history and incredible cinematography that pulls you straight into the atmosphere of the affected cities. But most of all, enjoy some fantastic live music, which Mario and Karel will bring you accompanied by David Poltrock (De Mens), Gertjan Van Hellemont (Douglas Firs) and Jan Bas.

Travel along and find out how music can be the catalyst to the ressurection of entire cities.