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Satanique Samba Trio 

No Brazilian traditional rhythm remains unscathed on Satanique Samba Trio’s trail of desecration. From Samba to Frevo, from Bossa-Nova to Lambada, this Brasília-based sextet (not really a trio, unsurprisingly) has been adding virulence, dissonance and provocation to Brazil’s musical heritage since 2003.

Formed in 2002, Satanique Samba Trio established themselves as the irrefutable proof of life after the tropicalia movement. They absorb elements of contemporary classical music, like dissonance and rhythmic distortions, inspired by what they call ""the aesthetic of Satanism Tropical".

Wild experimentation is balanced with consummate musicianship and incredible free-jazz style execution of freak-baroque melodies and spaced out textures. Their instrumentation is as varied as the styles they incorporate into their music and their research of the traditions and lineage of Brazilian folk rhythms is unparalleled.

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With Projet Global, we surf the evergoing wave of music outside our western mindset. We have put aside the cliché label of ‘world music’, and went our own way, defining the series as ‘new engaged sounds from Africa and beyond’. ‘Beyond’ is a broad concept: this series could just as well host music from say, Cuba or South-Korea. Or from your own back yard, with the whole global village thing.