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Inna De Yard jam

'The Soul Of Jamaica'

+ Roots explosion sound b

sun 23.04.2017
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Inna De Yard 
Exclusive concert!

The soul of Jamaica! They are Ken Boothe, Cedric Myton from the Congos, Lloyd Parks, Derajah, Var, Kiddus I, Steve Newland, Bo Pee, Kush & Winston McAnuff.

Gathered in the hills of Kingston, they've bring the essence of their musical culture back to life, recording in the open air a new album, to be released by Chapter Two next spring. On stage, they will share their joy at playing this organic music together again. Music that transcends their soul, gospel, reggae, funk and ska spirit.

You’ve never heard Jamaica sound like this before.

+ Roots explosion sound 
More info soon...
<Roots Revolution>

Rastafari! Dub revolution’s success fuelled the reggae rocket of Cactus Muziekcentrum even more. The new Roots Revolution will harbour all conscious sounds in live performance, from the broad spectre of roots, reggae and dub. Expect a wide variety of styles and a soundsystem before and after the main act.